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Bonny E-Home Co.,Ltd. applies its expertise to the production of high-quality pool cleaning products.As a professional pool vaccum head manufacturer and supplier, Bonny has been specialized in manufacturing and selling own pool cleaning products and other pool accessories for more than 20 years and has been exported to more than 40 countries.

Bonny Factory Service

  • 15000 square meters factory.
  • Wide range of production lines, high capacity of production.
  • Professional CAD and 3D design team.
  • Professional R & D technical team.
  • 2000+ product molds.
  • 200+ product patents.
  • 24h excellent service team.

Product Certification

We specialize in producing and supplying certified pool vacuum head products.Our factory specializes in producing and supplying certified swimming pool accessories, and has been certified by ISO45001, ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, FCC, BSCI etc.

Retail Feedback

Our swimming pool vacuum suction head products have been widely recognized by the industry.
The pool vacuum suction head products designed and produced by our factory have won many five-star reviews in the market through the sales of our cooperative customers to different retail markets. I believe our pool cleaning products are worthy of your trust.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many types of pool vacuum suction heads are there?


  1. Standard Vacuum Head: This is a basic vacuum head designed to clean the pool floor. It has a flat or slightly contoured bottom with brushes to help dislodge debris from the pool surface.
  2. Weighted Vacuum Head: Similar to the standard vacuum head, but with added weights to keep it pressed firmly against the pool floor for better cleaning efficiency.
  3. Flexible Vacuum Head: This type of vacuum head has a more flexible body, allowing it to navigate curved pool surfaces and corners more easily.
  4. Corner Vacuum Head: Designed with a triangular or wedge shape, this vacuum head is specifically meant for reaching and cleaning tight corners and crevices in the pool.
  5. Algae Brush Vacuum Head: This vacuum head has stiff bristles or brushes, specifically useful for scrubbing and removing algae and stubborn dirt from the pool surfaces.
  6. Dual-Function Vacuum Head: Some vacuum heads come with a dual-function design, allowing them to switch between vacuuming and brushing modes for added versatility.
  7. Battery-Powered Vacuum Head: Instead of relying on the pool's filtration system, this type of vacuum head operates with a rechargeable battery, providing more mobility and independent cleaning.
  8. Venturi Vacuum Head: This vacuum head uses the water flow from a garden hose to create suction for cleaning, making it suitable for smaller pools or spot cleaning.
  9. Automatic Robotic Vacuum: While not a traditional vacuum head, these are standalone devices that roam the pool floor autonomously, cleaning it without the need for manual guidance.
Q: Why do some pool suction vacuum heads need to be equipped with weights?


Better Contact with Pool Surface: Pool vacuum heads with weights stay in better contact with the pool surface, such as the floor and walls, as they are less likely to float or become buoyant. This ensures that the vacuum head can effectively pick up debris, dirt, and leaves from all areas of the pool.

Enhanced Maneuverability: Weights on the vacuum head help to stabilize it, making it easier to maneuver and direct around the pool. This allows the user to clean the pool more efficiently and cover a larger area in less time.

Debris Collection Efficiency: When a vacuum head floats too much, it can allow debris to escape back into the pool before being effectively suctioned up. Weights prevent excessive floating, thereby improving the vacuum's ability to collect debris and keep the pool clean.

Consistent Suction: By preventing the vacuum head from floating, the weights help maintain a consistent suction power, ensuring efficient debris removal throughout the cleaning process.

Q: What materials do you usually choose to customize a swimming pool suction head?


  1. Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a popular choice due to its corrosion resistance and strength. It can withstand exposure to water and pool chemicals without rusting or deteriorating.

  2. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene): ABS is a thermoplastic material known for its toughness and impact resistance. It is often used in pool equipment due to its ability to handle both chemical exposure and mechanical stress.

  3. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): PVC is commonly used in pool applications, including suction heads. It's lightweight, durable, and can withstand exposure to water and pool chemicals.

  4. Rubber or Silicone: These materials can be used for gaskets or seals in the suction head to ensure a watertight fit.

  5. Nylon: Nylon is a strong and durable material suitable for various pool equipment, including custom suction heads.

  6. Polypropylene: This thermoplastic material is resistant to chemicals and can be used for some pool equipment components.

  7. Polyethylene: Another durable thermoplastic that is resistant to chemicals and commonly used in the pool industry.

  8. Aluminum: In some cases, aluminum may be used, especially for custom fittings and parts.

Q: Where can I use the pool suction head to clean?


Pool Floor: The most common use of the pool suction head is to clean the bottom surface of the pool. The suction head is moved along the pool floor to pick up dirt, leaves, and other debris that have settled there.

    Pool Walls: Many pool suction heads are designed to clean not only the floor but also the walls of the pool. By attaching the suction head to a telescopic pole, you can reach the walls and remove algae and grime.

    Pool Steps: If your pool has steps or benches, the pool suction head can be used to clean these areas as well. Ensure that you clean all nooks and crannies to maintain a hygienic swimming environment.

    Around Pool Features: The pool suction head can also be used to clean around features like ladders, water jets, and pool skimmers, where debris tends to accumulate.

    Spas and Hot Tubs: If you have a spa or hot tub as part of your pool setup, the pool suction head can also be used to clean these smaller areas.

    Q: How to choose the right pool vacuum suction head to clean your swimming pool?


      Pool Type and Size: Consider the type and size of your pool. Different pool designs and dimensions may require specific vacuum heads to reach all areas and clean effectively.

      Surface Material: Identify the surface material of your pool. Pools can have various finishes like concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, or tiles. The type of surface will influence the kind of vacuum head you need.

      Suction Power: Check the suction power of your pool pump. Ensure that the vacuum head you choose can handle the flow rate and suction strength of your pool's pump system. Too much or too little suction can affect cleaning performance.

      Shape and Design: Look for a vacuum head that matches the shape and design of your pool. Some vacuum heads are designed for curved edges or corners, while others are better suited for straight walls or irregular shapes.

      Brush Bristles: If your pool tends to accumulate algae or stubborn debris, consider a vacuum head with brush bristles. The brushes will help scrub and loosen debris from the pool's surface as you vacuum.

      Wheels or Rollers: Some vacuum heads come with wheels or rollers, which can make it easier to move the vacuum around the pool, especially for larger pools. These wheels reduce friction and make the cleaning process smoother.

      Weight and Maneuverability: Choose a vacuum head that is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Heavy vacuum heads can be challenging to handle and may strain your arms during cleaning.

      Compatibility: Ensure that the vacuum head is compatible with your pool cleaning system. It should fit securely on the pool cleaning pole or hose and connect well to your pool's vacuum system.

      Q: What is the shape of the suction head of the swimming pool, and what are their different functions?


      Flat Suction Head: This type of suction head has a flat, circular shape with brushes or bristles around the edges. It is ideal for cleaning the pool floor and walls, effectively removing dirt and algae buildup.

        Corner Suction Head: This suction head is specially designed with a triangular shape, allowing it to reach and clean the corners of the pool where debris often accumulates.

        Flexible Suction Head: A flexible suction head is made from a more pliable material, which allows it to contour to the pool's shape. It is particularly useful for pools with irregular or curved surfaces.

        Weighted Suction Head: Some suction heads come with added weights to improve their stability and ensure better contact with the pool surface. The extra weight helps maintain strong suction and allows for more efficient cleaning.

        Wide-Mouth Suction Head: This type of suction head has a larger opening, making it more effective for picking up larger debris like leaves and twigs.

        Q: How can I get the sample?


        We can provide you with free sample, just need you to pay for the freight. We will choose the international express with low price and high transportation efficiency, We will refund the full amount to you when you place an official order next time.

        Q: Do you sell the other pool accessories tools?


        Yes, we do. Including pool robot cleaner, vacuum head ,leaf rakes,hooks,poles,skimmer net,jet vacuum,wall skimmer,pool thermometer,chlorine dispenser,splasher vacuum etc.

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