Pool contractors, including pool builders and custom swimming pool contractors, in North Carolina play a vital role in shaping local recreation and lifestyle. Their expertise, spanning pool construction and pool contractor supply, ensures that pools are built in compliance with state regulations and local building codes. Beyond technical proficiency, these professionals contribute to community well-being by creating spaces for relaxation, exercise, and socialization. Whether installing in-ground pools tailored to the landscape or incorporating modern designs, these contractors enhance the quality of life for residents. Additionally, their knowledge of local conditions, such as weather and terrain, ensures durable and well-suited pool installations, standing as valuable assets within the North Carolina community.

Best Pool Contractors North Carolina

1.Poolscapes of Charlotte

Main Products Category:Pool renovations and remodeling, Custom fiberglass swimming pool, Pool design, etc.

Established Year: 1999

No of Employees: 25

2022 Annual Sales: $5M

Main Market: For Sale In Charlotte, North Carolina, Usa

Address: 13917 Ballantyne Meadows Dr, Charlotte, NC 28277

Company Profile:

Established in 1999, Charlotte Poolscapes is a premier custom fiberglass pool builder in North Carolina. With over 24 years of experience, they have provided pool construction services to over 1000 customers. Their reputation is built on meticulous attention to details, an unwavering commitment to customer service, and a passion for creating exceptional outdoor experiences.

As leading Charlotte swimming pool contractors, they specialize in pool construction, offering custom designs to transform your backyard. Beyond pools and spas, their expertise extends to complete outdoor transformations, including landscaping, patios, decks, pool houses, pergolas, fireplaces, and custom water and lighting features.

Website: https://www.poolsofcharlotte.com/

Contact:(704) 544-0424 or Contact Form

2.Rising Sun Pools & Spas

Main Products Category: Vinyl liner pool renovation, Pool repair and maintenance, Custom pool design, etc.

Established Year: 1972

No of Employees: 50+

2022 Annual Sales: $13.3M

Main Market: For Sale In Raleigh, North Carolina, Usa

Address: 5608 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC 27606

Company Profile:

Charlie Vassallo founded Rising Sun Pools in 1972, initially selling pool supplies out of a storage room attached to his home. Two years later, the business expanded sufficiently for him to open a small store at Quail Corner Shopping Center. By 1979, the first location became too small, prompting the purchase of a much larger showroom at the current address, 5608 Hillsborough Street.

When Charlie passed away in 2003, his children, Michael Vassallo, Gina da Roza, and Tara Vassallo-Soto, took over the company. They are proud to carry on the tradition of quality pool installation and supplies initiated by their father. Since 1972, Rising Sun Pools, as reputable pool builders and pool contractors in Raleigh, has helped over 7000 families achieve their dream of pool ownership.

Website: https://www.risingsunpools.com/

Contact:(910) 946-7013 or Contact Form

3.Prestige Pools of Wilmington

Main Products Category: Pool Installation, Custom decking, Pool design, Eco-friendly swimming pool, etc.

Established Year: 1999

No of Employees: 25+

2022 Annual Sales: $5M

Main Market: For Sale In Wilmington, North Carolina, Usa

Address: 5307 College Rd, Wilmington, NC 28412

Company Profile:

Since its establishment in 1999, Prestige Pools of Wilmington Inc. has been dedicated to building in-ground swimming pools in New Hanover County. Since 1999, the company has successfully transformed the backyards of over 400 clients in New Hanover County. Their store and design studio are located at the Monkey Junction, offering high-quality, energy-efficient pools, spa centers, and pump systems constructed using the industry’s most advanced technology.

Prestige Pools of Wilmington operates under the leadership of licensed general contractors, certified pool and spa operators, and SP-SP electrical contractors. They are equipped with all the necessary pool construction equipment. Their select team comprises licensed pool builders, electricians, masons, carpenters, and landscapers, providing tailored backyard solutions to enhance clients’ lifestyles.

As leading Wilmington, NC pool contractors, Prestige Pools of Wilmington ensures top-notch craftsmanship and service in creating customized swimming pool and spa solutions for their clientele.

Website: https://www.prestigepoolsofwilmington.com/index.php

Contact:(910) 509-2370 or Contact Form

4.B & G Pools & Spas

Main Products Category: Spa services, Pool repair, Pool construction, etc.

Established Year: 1994

No of Employees: 25+

2022 Annual Sales: $5M

Main Market: For Sale In Durham, North Carolina, Usa

Address: 5308 N Roxboro St, Durham, NC 27712

Company Profile:

Established in 1994 on Guess Rd in Durham, B&G Pools and Spas has been dedicated to providing a unique pool and spa experience for the local community. As a small, family-owned and operated pool and hot tub company, their mission is to offer customized care at affordable prices to pool owners in Durham, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Roxboro, and the surrounding areas.

B&G Pools and Spas is committed to delivering a personalized experience for each collaborating client. Their focus is on providing individualized service throughout the hot tub selection and installation process, service and maintenance procedures, and any time you visit their retail store to purchase chemicals.

As trusted pool contractors in Durham, NC, B&G Pools and Spas aims to meet the specific needs of their customers, ensuring a tailored and affordable approach to pool and spa care.


Website: https://bandgbuilders.com/

Contact: (919) 471-0265 or Contact Form

5.River Pools Greensboro

Main Products Category: Pool design, Pool repair, Pool construction, etc.

Established Year: 2001

No of Employees: 25+

2022 Annual Sales: $18.9M

Main Market: For Sale In Greensboro, North Carolina, Usa

Address: 717 Green Valley Rd Suite 200, Greensboro, NC 27408

Company Profile:

River Pools Greensboro, the premier choice for inground fiberglass pool installation in the area, proudly serves Greensboro and its surrounding counties. As trusted local pool contractors, they take pride in their commitment to delivering high-quality and innovative fiberglass pool shells, ensuring that your investment is in capable hands.

What sets River Pools Greensboro, pool contractors in Greensboro, NC, apart is their dedication to clear and transparent communication throughout the entire installation process. Choosing River Pools Greensboro, your trusted pool contractors in Greensboro, means choosing a brand that values not only the quality of the pool itself but also the overall experience for their customers. They are here to turn your vision into reality, providing exceptional service and guidance to make the journey of creating your dream backyard oasis as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Trust River Pools Greensboro, the pool contractors in Greensboro, NC, for an unparalleled level of expertise, reliability, and communication in crafting the perfect fiberglass pool for your home.

Website: https://www.riverpoolsandspas.com/

Contact: (336) 383-1667 or Contact Form

6.Premier Pools & Spas

Main Products Category: Commercial pool service, Pool building, Pool remodeling, Pool maintenance, etc.

Established Year: 1988

No of Employees: 400+

2022 Annual Sales: $323M

Main Market: For Sale In Usa

Address: 116 Gasoline Aly Dr Suite 113, Mooresville, NC 28117

Company Profile:

Established in 1988, Premier Pools & Spas has solidified its position as the largest pool builder globally. With a remarkable track record spanning over 30 years, we take pride in having constructed more than 70000 pools. Our success is rooted in the unique combination of the vast buying power that comes with being a nationwide company and the personalized service synonymous with a family-owned business.

Premier Pools & Spas stands as a testament to expertise and excellence in the pool-building industry. Our extensive experience sets us apart, allowing us, the trusted pool contractors in Mooresville, NC, to deliver unparalleled quality and craftsmanship in every pool we create. The trust and satisfaction of our clients have been the driving force behind our growth, and we continue to uphold the highest standards in pool construction.

Website: https://premierpoolsandspas.com/

Contact: (980) 435-0105 or Contact Form

7.Carolina Pool Builders,Inc

Main Products Category: Pool liner installation, Pool repair, Pool renovation, Pool builder, etc.

Established Year: 1971

No of Employees: 25+

2022 Annual Sales: $5M

Main Market: For Sale In Hickory, North Carolina, Usa

Address: 5056 Hickory Blvd, Hickory, NC 28601

Company Profile:

With a North Carolina State General Contractors License with a Building Classification, and being one of 12 pool builders in the entire North Carolina state to have an Electrical License with a Swimming Pool Classification, Carolina Pool Builders, Inc. is truly your top swimming pool contractor in Hickory, North Carolina. They are dedicated to serving all customer needs, no matter how large or small a project might be. Their courteous and knowledgeable staff, the leading swimming pool contractors in Hickory, NC, is always available to answer questions and concerns about swimming pool construction and installation, and they hold a strong reputation in the community.

Since 1971, their experienced team, the trusted swimming pool contractors in Hickory, NC, has been known for quality service, attention to detail, and the flexibility to meet customer demands. They prefer a first-name basis with their customers and, above all, want the business-customer relationship to extend beyond the completion of a project. 

Website: https://carolinapoolbuilders.com/

Contact: (828) 313-1401 or Contact Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What qualifications should I look for in a pool contractor in North Carolina?


Yes, in North Carolina, a permit is required for projects involving pools that hold water to a depth greater than 24 inches. This includes both in-ground and above-ground pools. Before initiating the construction of a pool, it's essential to obtain the necessary permit and undergo inspections to ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations.

Q: What types of pools are popular in North Carolina?


In-ground pools are common due to the state's climate. Many residents opt for traditional designs, but there's also a growing interest in modern and customized pool options.

Q: Can I install a pool in my backyard if it has a slope?


Yes, it's possible, but the slope may affect the construction process and costs. A skilled pool contractor can assess the terrain and design a pool that works well with the landscape.

Q: What kind of maintenance does a pool need?


Maintaining water circulation is beneficial for filtration and preventing the growth of bacteria and algae. Regularly check the chemical balance and pH levels of the pool. Shock the pool to elevate free chlorine levels and eliminate bacteria and algae. Additionally, add algaecide to slow down the growth of algae.

Q: Is a Fence Necessary for a Pool in North Carolina?


In North Carolina, all outdoor swimming pools with a water depth exceeding 18 inches are required to have a fence or other barrier around the pool area. The fence or barrier must be at least 4 feet high and equipped with a self-closing, self-latching gate.