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1. Price

The large supermarkets represented by the old brand Walmart have always been loved by people for their good quality and low prices, which is the main factor that they can stand firm in the market. Here are three reasons they can get low prices:

SOURCE: Supermarkets buy direct from the source. By cutting down intermediaries between producer and seller,they are able to pass on those intermediary mark-ups as price benefits to the consumer.

SCALE: Supermarkets usually have a predictable high demand volume for large purchases in exchange for lower prices than any of their competitors.

TARGET MARKET: Supermarkets target those consumers who buy in bulk and for a reasonable period of time – such as a week or a month. This target market ensures a larger Customer Lifecycle Value. And since supermarkets do not need to do a lot marketing to attract these customers to their stores, the reduction in marketing expenses ensures that they can transfer the price advantage to consumers. so the reduction in marketing costs ensures that they can transfer the price benefits to consumers.

What We Can Do:

1. As a professional OEM pool accessories manufacturer, we have our own factories and direct raw material supply chains, which give us enough confidence in our prices. We are able to control costs at the source.

2. Our pool production lines are machine-automated, which is the most basic configuration for pool accessories manufacturers resulting in lower production unit prices, so we have a great ability to meet the growing supply demand at the most favorable prices.

3. We have more than 15 years of experience with supermarkets such as Walmart, HOME DEPOT and other brands, providing them with a large number of novel pool products every year.

2. Stability Of Leading Time

One of the key factors in running a successful supermarket is appropriate inventory. If customers are finding they can’t rely on a store to have what they want or need, it’s likely they will go to a competitor.

In the process of supermarket operation, insufficient inventory will seriously affect customer flow and reputation, however too much inventory may cause a backlog of goods and liquidity problems, so an accurate grasp of inventory can help prevent companies from wasting their resources and space.


What We Can Do:

We always uphold the concept of integrity management, so we have a very strong sense of conviction about the delivery time.

1. We implement a strict production schedule with deadlines for each production step to precisely grasp the production progress. We apply the MES system so that we can grasp the current production progress in order to make adjustments.

2. Full automation production makes the pool products quality stable, less rework, and the assembly line production increases the output and speeds up the production cycle, all of which provide a guarantee for our on-time delivery.

3. Furthermore, we will arrange the next production schedule according to the periodic sales of the supermarket so that the supermarket will have sufficient inventory to handle sudden demand or market changes to ensure maximum resource efficiency.


3. Quality Of Our Pool Products

Customer loyalty is key — thus establishing consistent quality control is very important—— both in terms of having a high volume of stock and in the quality of individual products.

No consumer wants to risk using pool products that could endanger them or fail expectations. A company’s reputation, reliability, and efficiency are all at risk if quality control is overlooked. Otherwise no matter how low the price of your pool products, they will only be unattended. The factors that affect the quality of the product are 5M1E:

1. Man: Operators’ awareness of quality, technical proficiency.

Bonny: All of our employees have been trained and assessed and have professional knowledge and operational skills. We hold regular production skills tests to help our employees update their production knowledge.

2. Machine: The accuracy and maintenance status of machines and equipment, measuring instruments. Machines are the mainstay of modernized production.

Bonny: Our factories are fully automated by machine, which improves the consistency of pool products quality. In order to ensure that the machines are in the best operating condition, we check the usage of the machines and perform maintenance every month. We will also optimize the production process and upgrade the machines.

3. Material: Material composition, physical properties, chemical properties, etc.

Bonny: We have a strict management system for material procurement, transportation, storage and quality inspection. At the same time, we have our own supply chain of raw materials so we grasp the quality of materials from the source. 

4. Method:Production process, equipment selection, operating procedures, etc.

Bonny:The layout of our production process is in line with science, and each production step is inspected by quality control personnel, which can ensure that the pool products quality meets the authoritative requirements. Furthermore, we bring in experts to optimize our production processes regularly.

5. Measurement:Measurement, mainly refers to the measurement taken when the method is standard, correct.

Bonny: Our factory is certificated by ISO9001 and our pool products will be sent to testing institutions such as SGS for testing to ensure that they meet quality regulations. We have always bound ourselves to authoritative industry standards.

6. Environment: We have been certified by ISO14001.ISO45001. Our factory follows the 6S management system and aims to create a comfortable and safe working environment. We have been able to pass the BSCI inspection every year.

Quality control is not a broad concept, it can penetrate into every production process.

Each brand has its own strict set of factory and goods inspection standards, and our company has been able to handle different tests with ease and stand out from other suppliers.


4. Package

Packaging should be viewed as a key part of a brand— after all, it’s what gives customers a first impression of your product. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when choosing the packaging of a product. It needs to protect what’s inside, allow for easy storage, display information about the product and catch the attention of customers when displayed on a shelf.

What We Can Do:

The ultimate goal of attractive packaging is to gain market share. Customization is also a feature of our OEM pool equipment manufacturers.

We provide custom packaging services and good ideas or thoughts by researching the market, collecting information on various packaging. We are able to integrate pool products and packaging to increase pool products sales.

In our cooperation with Walmart, they wanted the packaging to be environmentally friendly and recyclable. We were impressed by this concept of energy saving and emission reduction, so we invested a lot in the design and production of this packaging. Eventually, we adopted the carton packaging, which won the praise of the market.

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5. Innovation & Development

According to McKinsey, 84% of executives say that their future success is dependent on innovation.

Product innovation drives expansion by opening up new market opportunities.It can also help companies diversify their business and develop a completely different customer base, and anticipating customer needs can promote customer retention.

What We Can do:

We focus a lot on pool products innovation and we are a pool equipment manufacturer always on the road of R&D innovation.

1.Feedback from the market is the best source of information for product innovation. We conduct questionnaires to our customers who have purchased our pool products, asking for their suggestions for improvement.

2. Every year we will purchase different pool products from different countries, compare the advantages and disadvantages of them, and carry out targeted research and development to improve the competitiveness of our products.

3. We maintain the innovative development of 20 to 30 new pool products every year because we have an independent R&D department including senior talents such as mechanical engineers and industrial designers.

4. We will hold weekly development meetings with major department heads to discuss the feasibility of new pool products development based on the information collected from the market.

We offer molding serivce too, and our existing molds amount to 2000.

Take a look at our new floating chemical dispenser with thermometer and a pill clip.


6. Face To Face

As a specialized OEM pool accessories manufacturer, we base everything on the needs of our customers. That’s why we regularly attend pool products exhibitions around the world every year to ensure that we receive feedback from our customers first.

But in the end it is the consumer who pays the bill, so their feedback is what should be the most concerned about.

We also visit local supermarkets, department stores and brand outlets regularly in the Americas, Australia and Europe to communicate their demands face to face.


7. Service

Every B2B client knows that it is not easy to find a suitable OEM pool accessories manufacturer, and it is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task to work with them.

Because the design, finalization, production to the final delivery and even after-sales, both sides need to maintain close and effective communication.

This requires not only close time and space, but more importantly, accurate expression, so consistency of language is also a key factor for effective communication.

What We Can Do:

We generally communicate with you formally by email, also via Whats App, so that we make sure an immediate response when you need us.

Besides, we will have regular video-conferences with you via Zoom, and we have local colleagues in the U.S. who participate in the meetings so that both sides can be accurately represented.

Products and business are the key to our mutual success, but in addition, we want to provide more care and service to our customers.

We share local market information with our clients from time to time. We also recruit agents in various countries, and our customers will be our first choice.

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