Does Pool Equipment Need To Be Covered?

The answer is definitely yes. This is because installing a pool equipment cover serves the following purposes:

Device Protection: They shield pool machinery from harsh weather, debris, and UV radiation, prolonging their lifespan and reducing repair needs.

Safety: Covers prevent accidents by restricting access to machinery, making the pool area safer, especially for children and pets.

Energy Efficiency: Proper covers minimize heat loss, reducing the workload on heating systems and energy consumption, leading to cost savings and sustainability.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Modern covers come in various designs, enhancing the pool area’s visual appeal and blending with outdoor decor.

Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with safety regulations often requires pool equipment covers, avoiding fines and legal issues.


Common Ways to Cover Pool Equipment

Professional Equipment Covers

Professional pool equipment covers are essential for protecting pool equipment in multiple ways. Firstly, they effectively block debris such as leaves, branches, insects, and other outdoor elements, preventing potential clogs or damage to essential equipment like filters, pumps, and heaters. Additionally, these covers are designed with durable materials, offering excellent resistance against adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, and harmful UV radiation, thereby reducing the risk of deterioration to plastic components, seals, and electrical parts due to prolonged sun exposure. Moreover, these covers prevent moisture and humidity, helping to prevent corrosion of metal components and reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement. Lastly, these equipment covers enhance safety by creating a barrier that limits access to potentially hazardous machinery, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Insulating Tarp & Blanket

Insulating tarp or blanket provide comprehensive protection for pool equipment. They effectively retain heat within equipment such as pumps, filters, heaters, and chlorinators, significantly reducing heat loss during winter months. Additionally, these covers prevent sensitive components from frosting, thereby reducing the risk of damage due to freezing temperatures. Insulation tarps or blankets act as a barrier against rain, snow, and wind, shielding the equipment from moisture, thus preventing corrosion and damage, which helps prolong the equipment’s lifespan. By enhancing energy efficiency through reducing heat loss, these covers may also contribute to lowering the heating costs associated with pool equipment.

Shelters & Fence

Building shelters or fences around pool equipment provides comprehensive protection. These structures can be made of various materials such as wood, metal, or plastic, and can be customized to fit the specific dimensions of the equipment. They offer weather protection for the equipment, helping to prevent moisture damage, UV degradation, and temperature fluctuations. Shelters or enclosures act as a barrier, reducing the impact of debris, leaves, and dirt, keeping the equipment clean and operational. Additionally, they can minimize the risk of vandalism and theft, thereby reducing the likelihood of human-induced damage and ensuring the safety of pool equipment.

Customized Fitted Covers

Custom fitted covers provide tailored protection for pool equipment, designed to precisely match the size and contours of each component, ensuring a tight, secure fit. These covers are made from high-quality, durable materials such as PVC or vinyl, offering longevity and resistance to harsh weather conditions. They are easy to install and remove, facilitating maintenance of pool equipment.

Functionally, fitted covers protect pool equipment from debris accumulation, keeping them clean and unclogged, thereby reducing maintenance requirements. Installing covers enhances safety during equipment use, especially in residential environments with children or pets. Additionally, custom fitted covers minimize heat loss and reduce the workload on heating systems, improving energy efficiency and lowering costs.

Enclosed Pump Houses

Enclosed pump houses minimize equipment exposure to extreme temperatures, protecting sensitive components from moisture damage, corrosion, and degradation, thereby extending equipment lifespan. They prevent unauthorized access, vandalism, and theft to safeguard equipment security, reducing the risk of damage or loss to valuable equipment. The enclosed design of pump houses also helps suppress noise generated by pool equipment such as pumps and motors, reducing noise pollution for pool users and nearby residents, and avoiding potential violations of local laws and regulations. Lastly, pump houses provide dedicated space for pool equipment, facilitating maintenance and servicing for operators who can easily access equipment for inspections, repairs, and routine maintenance tasks without exposure to outdoor elements.

Solar Pool Covers

A Insulated solar pool cover is used to protect pool equipment by covering the pool. These covers are designed to be placed directly on the surface of the pool water, helping to regulate the temperature of the pool water by minimizing heat loss caused by evaporation. This, in turn, reduces the strain on pool heaters, thus lowering energy consumption and operational costs. Additionally, by reducing water evaporation, insulated covers aid in chemical preservation, reducing the need for extra chlorine treatment and maintaining the chemical balance of the pool water. This not only saves on chemical expenses but also decreases the frequency of adjustments and treatments. Lastly, these covers can serve as a safety feature, providing a barrier on the pool surface to prevent accidental entry into the water, which is crucial for households with young children or pets, thereby reducing the risk of drowning accidents.

Automatic Pool Covers

Inground automatic pool covers provide protection by covering the pool when not in use, effectively shielding it from debris, leaves, and other potential contaminants that could damage equipment such as filters and pumps. Additionally, these covers act as a barrier over the pool surface, preventing accidental entry into the water, thus serving a safety function, which is particularly crucial for households with children or pets. Furthermore, automatic pool covers minimize heat loss caused by evaporation, aiding in temperature regulation and helping to maintain the pool water temperature. By reducing chemical evaporation due to sunlight exposure, they also contribute to preserving the chemical balance of the pool water. This can prolong the effectiveness of chemicals such as chlorine and pH balancers, reducing the need for frequent adjustments and treatments.

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