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1. Pool Products Market Trend

As is known to us all, Amazon is one of the largest seller platforms in the world with 6.3 million total sellers and an incredible 1.5 million active sellers in 2021 and it’s annual revenue for 2021 was $469.822B, a 21.7% increase from 2020. In addition, Amazon has become the third-biggest digital advertising company behind Google and Facebook, hitting $31.15 billion in ad revenue in 2021 according to Marketplace Pulse.

If you are hesitating which market to enter, I show you a set of data.

The swimming pool market growth, size, trends, analysis report by type, application, region and segment forecast 2022-2026″ reports show that the swimming pool market size is anticipated to grow by USD 4.60 billion from 2021 to 2026. Moreover, the growth momentum of the market will accelerate at a CAGR of 2.67% during the forecast period.(SOURCE:NEW YORK, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/)


2. Intellectual Property Risk

If you want to do business on an e-commerce platform, especially pool accessories and pool equipment products, you must abide by the laws and regulations of the country of sale and the rules of the platform which is the basic requirement. There was once a case of intellectual property infringement that impressed a lot.

The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) voted to institute an investigation of certain robotic pool cleaners and components thereof.  The products at issue in the investigation are described in the Commission’s notice of investigation.

The investigation is based on a complaint filed by Zodiac Pool Systems LLC of Carlsbad, CA and Zodiac Pool Care Europe of Belberaud, France on July 29, 2022.  The complaint, as supplemented, alleges violations of section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 in the importation into the United States and sale of certain robotic pool cleaners and components thereof that infringe patents asserted by the complainants.  The complainants request that the USITC issue a limited exclusion order and cease and desist orders.

The USITC has identified the following as the respondents this investigation:

Wybotics Co. Ltd. Winny Pool Cleaner,
Tianjin Pool & Spa Corporation, Commerce, CA;
Aiper Intelligent, LLC of Roswell, GA; and
Aiper, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA.



What We Can Do:

The pool field contains many plastic products, which will inevitably involve the risk of intellectual property rights in terms of appearance patents.

For example, there are thousands of patents in the field of swimming pool robots.If there is no professional person to eliminate these risks, you may face lawsuits and losses.

We can help our clients avoid these potential risks with 20 years of accumulated knowledge base and manufacturing experience. We have always believed that integrity is the foundation of doing business.

We know what kind of pool products do not infringe intellectual property rights, and we can avoid this problem for you at the beginning of design. We can also use tools to query patent and trademark applications in various countries to protect your legal rights.

Useful Tips:

WIPO: https://patentscope.wipo.int/

USPTO: https://www.uspto.gov/patents/search

EPO: https://www.epo.org/searching-for-patents.html


3. Certification & Testing

Even if your product is original and patented, it may not conform to the policy of the destination country, because the requirements for imported products vary from country to country.

For example, the United States has mandatory requirements for imported products with batteries, requiring SDS testing certification in which they should explain the properties of the batteries, including the physical and chemical natures of the products, potential dangers to human health, routes of exposure, and handling methods, and cargo transportation identification certificate.

In Europe, CE and RoHS test reports are required. If you do not understand the laws and regulations of the importing country and do not do sufficient research in advance, it will be a considerable loss.

What We Can Do:

Take it easy, we cooperate with SGS, Intertek, TUV and other certification bodies all year round, besides we know the laws and rules of different countries and e-commerce platforms like the back of our hand. Moreover, any product exported by our company has been tested by authority and complies with the local laws and regulations as well as the certification requirements of the e-commerce platform.

4. Right Package Saves Money

Needless to say, another most basic regulation of the e-commerce platform is packaging.

Products with non-compliant packaging will be rejected from the warehouse.Imagine that you are an e-commerce seller and you have ordered a batch of products from a factory, but the factory has no idea about the warehousing and delivering rules of the e-commerce platform. You will fail to benefit from it and take even more effort and labor to deal with these messes.

Take Amazon as an example, Amazon does not require a specific type of poly bag, but it is Amazon poly bag policy that a suffocation warning label must be on the bag. If it is a carton package, different package sizes affect the delivery fee. The follow is Amazon’s shipping charges:

As you can see, the bigger and heavier the package, the more Amazon charges.Unprofessional pool accessories manufacturers often pack products using the wrong size, and wrong packaging also means higher storage fees. According to Amazon policy, storage fees increase exponentially as the storage time for the same product increases, and these losses will ultimately be borne by you.

What We Can Do:

We can help you customize your packaging to save money by choosing the most economical packaging while ensuring that the pool products delivered safely.

We conduct multiple tests and drop tests to ensure that the pool product is intact when it reaches the end customer. Of course, if you have a specific packaging design, we can make it happen for you, which is very important for brand promotion. What’s more?

Useful Tips:


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5. E-commerce Requires Right Label

E-commerce platforms, in order to better serve sellers, require each package to have an external barcode or label that can be scanned for tracking purposes. The label must be accessible and readable. And if you are purchasing items from China, you must also label MADE IN CHINA.

In addition, 2-4 shipping labels must be pasted on the outer box of the product for scanning and warehousing. The ownership of your product completely depends on this barcode and shipping label. If the they are incorrect, you may lose all your goods, which will be a huge loss.

What We Can Do:

We cooperate with many famous pool products brands for online business, So we almost know all the packaging requirements of e-commerce platforms and stick the label in the right place to ensure that there is no problem when the product is sold and warehoused.

We think what our customers think.

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6. Delivery and transportation matters

To the shipping method. In order to deliver the goods to you as soon as possible, some pool accessories manufacturers will blindly choose the transportation channel, high-priced sea freight, or even air freight. This is a loss for both parties if you do not communicate well in the early stages.

What We Can do:

For the sake of making customers more worry-free and labor-saving, we can adapt shipping method according to the different requirements of sellers, FOB shipment, which must be the most economical and fast shipping method.

We can also arrange air or rail transportation according to the special needs of customers, if the demand is particularly urgent.

No matter the destination of the goods is the port, the warehouse, or the warehouses of e-commerce companies, we can deliver them safely, so that customers do not worry about these trivial matters. A qualified pool product supplier is able to consider for customer at every step.


7. Products Differentiation

Merchants are pouring into major e-commerce platforms progressively, resulting in serious homogeneity of products under each category. The result of homogenization will inevitably lead to a price war, which will eventually increase the cost of sellers. Meanwhile homogeneous products cannot match the diverse needs of customers. Therefore, product differentiation is beyond doubt.

Differentiation is, literally, what separates you from your competition. It’s why your customers will only buy from you, no matter what the other guys are offering. When you hit just the right differentiation for your target audience, you’ll convince them that they can only get their desired outcome from you and they are more willing to accept a higher prices.

Based on the characteristics of the e-commerce platform, when your product is recognized by customers at the initial stage, they are willing to leave positive comments so that more customers will be attracted to your products.

What We Can Do:

Compared with the huge benefits brought by product differentiation, the cost of achieving differentiation is insignificant. We have a lot of experience in product design and customization, which is the main cost, because we have helped more than 100 online and offline brands around the world to succeed.

We have an independent R&D and design team,  so you can be assured that we will be able to provide you with the best pool products and service.

We can provide OEM and ODM service whether it is the appearance, materials, function or private logo of the pool product, we can customize it to meet all your needs and gain market share for you,

So far, we have more than 1000 pool products molds & 200 patents.

Our customers get more than ten million dollars of sales through these unique products.

Working with a manufacturer directly from the factory will open up so many creative doors, eliminate unwanted middlemen entirely, and ultimately enhance the quality of your product at an affordable cost.


8. Product Combination & Pricing Strategy

Unlike brick-and-mortar store, e-commerce must rely on marketing for promotion. Marketing results don’t just happen by chance. Creating a strategy ensures you’re targeting the right people, with relevant content that appeals to them. The more time you spend creating a clear strategy, the more opportunities you create to sell.

Put simply, a marketing strategy sets out your business goals, including who your ideal customers are and how you intend to reach them. It’s your plan of action and the blueprint to the marketing activity you will do in the coming months and years to grow your business.And flexible product mix is the core of it. To deal with different competitive environments and quite different demands, there needs to be a different product and price mix that can better attract the attention of the target group.

What We Can Do:

We have developed and produced more than 1000 pool products, from pool accessories to pool equipment, any pool supplies you use in the pool. You can choose different combinations of products, and accordingly each combination has a different price. And if we don’t have the pool product to meet your expectations, our strong supply chain and design ability will make your dream come true so don’t limit yourself to the products we have.

leading time

9. Stability Of Leading Time


Marketing is all about competing for traffic. Ranking is very important for an e-commerce product, and when the ranking is stable, so will the traffic.

It is very important to ensure that the goods are in stock, as out of stock means starting from scratch and all the previous efforts were in vain.

Especially for seasonal products such as swimming pool products, there is only one peak season a year for such products for customers, so it is more important for the timely delivery of goods.

What We Can Do:

We are not looking for one-time business, we want long-term stable cooperation thus we will have many value-added services.

We keep an eye on sales data from major e-commerce platforms around the world. We will remind our customers to specify their sales plan in advance and arrange our production plan according to their sales plan.

Our factory has strict rules for on-time delivery and will notify customers of the progress of goods production in stages so that customers are kept up-to-date with the latest production information and to ensure the stability of the delivery time.


10. Low MOQ & Affordable Costs

When it comes to e-commerce, everyone may be discouraged by the unknown and the backlog of goods and funds. However if you really want to start an e-commerce business but have no enough money to support, please contact us.

Compared with other suppliers, the MOQ of our factory will not give you huge financial pressure and you can plan more funds for marketing promotion and sales channel expansion.

We fully understand every early-stage customer, because we have gone through those days too. We are so willing to achieve a win-win with you.


In conclusion, start your business with us,we are attentive to you, anticipate your thought and fulfill your demand in times of urgency to provide with prompt and attentive service. Whether it’s e-business or traditional business, we can do it well.

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