Swimming pool contractors and pool builders play a pivotal role in shaping the lifestyle and recreational landscape of Nevada. With their expertise in pool design, construction, and maintenance, these professionals contribute significantly to meeting the demand for aquatic amenities in the region’s warm climate. The skillful work of swimming pool contractors transforms visions into reality, creating aesthetically pleasing and functional pools that enhance property values and market appeal. Beyond aesthetics, their commitment to safety standards ensures a secure environment for families to enjoy.

Swimming Pool Contractors Nevada

 1. Blue Haven Pools Spas

Main Products Category:Pool remodeling, Swimming pool installation,  3D  pool designs, Pool construction, Pool accessories, etc.

Established Year: 1954

No of Employees: 300+

2022 Annual Sales: $74.3M

Main Market: Worldwide

Address: 1126 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Company Profile:

Blue Haven Pools is a recognized leader in the swimming pool industry, and its projects are backed by a rock-solid warranty. Our familiar Diving Lady symbol represents a name upon which tens of thousands of U.S. homeowners, including those in Las Vegas, have relied since 1954. With local branches, including pool contractors in Las Vegas, Blue Haven has been a trusted pool builder for many residents in the area.

In the last 25 years alone, Blue Haven offices around the country, including those with a focus on pool construction in Las Vegas, have built and remodeled nearly 90000 inground pools. Specializing in gunite/shotcrete pools and spas, the company ensures quality and expertise in every project.

Blue Haven offices across America, including those in Las Vegas, specialize not only in building new pools but also in major pool renovations and modernizations for both homeowners and commercial aquatic facilities. If you’re looking for experienced and reliable pool contractors in Las Vegas, Blue Haven Pools stands out as a reputable choice with a long history of providing top-notch pool construction and renovation services.

Website: https://www.bluehaven.com/las-vegas-swimming-pool-builder/

Contact:(702)795-9500 or Contact Form

 2. Anthony & Sylvan Pools

Main Products Category:Pool renovation, Pool designs, Custom pool construction, Pool fencing, etc.

Established Year: 1946

No of Employees: 318+

2022 Annual Sales: $61.1M

Main Market: United States

Address: 3019 St Rose Pkwy #120, Henderson, NV 89052

Company Profile:

For 75 years, Anthony & Sylvan has been designing and constructing high-quality underground swimming pools and spa centers for families across the United States, including the Northeast, Washington D.C., Charlotte, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Las Vegas, and more. The company has a long and rich history in the swimming pool industry nationwide. Anthony Pools started providing pools on the West Coast 75 years ago and expanded eastward through inspiration and achievements. Sylvan Pools, a family-owned pool company on the East Coast, was also established 75 years ago and has continuously grown to become an industry leader in the United States. Both companies have been innovators in the fields of service, design, and installation.

In 1996, Anthony Pools and Sylvan Pools merged their businesses and are now nationally recognized as Anthony & Sylvan Pools. Apart from constructing underground swimming pools and spa centers, Anthony & Sylvan also provides renovation and modernization services in most areas along the East Coast. They have served over 370000 families nationwide, and the pools built by Anthony & Sylvan Pools have withstood the test of time.

Website: https://anthonysylvan.com/

Contact: (702)736-1327 or Contact Form

 3. Certified Pool and Spa

Main Products Category:Fiberglass swimming pool, Pool repair, Custom pool construction, Pool installation, etc.

Established Year: 1978

No of Employees: 25+

2022 Annual Sales: $5M

Main Market: For Sale In Reno, Nevada, Usa

Address: 5485 Reno Corporate Dr Ste 600, Reno, NV 89511 

Company Profile:

Certified Pool and Spa has been serving the northern region of Nevada since 1978. They specialize in providing Viking fiberglass pools, offering the industry’s widest range of shapes, sizes, colors, and choices. These pools are also of the highest quality available for purchase. The company’s service department is a leader in the local area, consistently prioritizing customer satisfaction. This dedication has earned Certified Pool and Spa approximately 1000 satisfied customers over the course of more than 20 years installing pools in the northern region of Nevada.

Website: https://renopoolspa.com/

Contact: (775)852-8405 or Contact Form

 4. Custom Outdoor Trends

Main Products Category: Pool design, Pool construction, Pool remodeling, etc.

Established Year: 2003

No of Employees: 25+

2022 Annual Sales: $7.3M

Main Market: Only Sale In Mesquite, Nevada, Usa

Address: 2828 I-30 Suite 111, Mesquite, TX 75150

Company Profile:

As one of the leading outdoor living design firms in the Fort Worth area, Custom Outdoor Trends has been a prominent figure since 2003. Specializing in pool construction and the creation of custom outdoor living environments, they have established themselves as a trusted source for pool installation and outdoor renovations.

Functioning as pool contractors, including serving areas like Mesquite, Custom Outdoor Trends takes pride in providing tailor-made solutions that align with the specific desires and preferences of their clients. From the initial concept to the final implementation, the company places a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, quality materials, and meticulous attention to detail. With a profound understanding of outdoor living trends, Custom Outdoor Trends remains at the forefront of the industry.

Website: https://customoutdoortrends.com/

Contact: (972) 722-3111 or Contact Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What style of pool is cheapest?

A: The most cost-effective type of pool is often a vinyl pool. Vinyl pools have the lowest installation costs and can be constructed in any size or shape. The vinyl liner, however, needs replacement every five to ten years. Due to the thinner material, it may be susceptible to damage from animals, falling branches, or roughhousing children.

Q: Are pool builders in Nevada required to be licensed?

A: Yes, Nevada requires pool builders to be licensed. Make sure to verify the builder's license and ensure they meet all the necessary legal requirements.

Q: Does swimming pool increase home value in the las vegas?

A: The impact of a pool on home value in Las Vegas, as in any real estate market, can vary. Some potential homebuyers may see a pool as a desirable feature, especially in a warm climate like Las Vegas where pools can be appealing for recreation and cooling off. However, others may view pools as maintenance-intensive and may be concerned about associated costs. It's essential to consider factors such as the size and condition of the pool, as well as the overall market trends in the area.

Q: What is swimming pool limit in las vegas?

A: To help manage these water supply constraints, the Southern Nevada Water Authority approved a resolution in July 2022 that supports a 600 square foot surface area limit on new residential pools.

Q: What is the appropriate custom size for a swimming pool?

A: The most common pool size and shape is a 16 x 32 foot rectangle. This is the minimum size required for a deep end of 8 feet. This will make the shallow end 8 feet long. Head up to a 16 x 40 foot pool with the shallow end doubling in depth to 16 feet.

Q: What is most expensive part of the inground pool ?


  1. Excavation and Site Preparation: The process of digging and preparing the site for the pool can be a significant cost factor, especially if the terrain is challenging or if extensive excavation work is required.

  2. Materials and Construction: The type of materials used for the pool's shell, such as concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl, can impact costs. Additionally, features like water features, special finishes, or intricate designs can increase construction expenses.

  3. Filtration and Circulation Systems: The quality and complexity of the pool's filtration and circulation systems play a role in the overall cost. High-end filtration systems and energy-efficient equipment may come with a higher price tag.

  4. Surrounding Hardscaping and Landscaping: The cost of the pool doesn't only include the pool itself but also the surrounding hardscaping, landscaping, and any additional features like decks or patios. High-quality materials and intricate designs can add to these costs.

  5. Permits and Regulatory Compliance: Obtaining necessary permits and ensuring compliance with local building codes can involve fees and expenses. It's essential to factor in these regulatory costs.

  6. Additional Features: Extras such as lighting, heating systems, covers, and automation can contribute to the overall cost. Features like spas, waterfalls, or custom tiling can also increase expenses.