How to remove pool safety cover

Step1 Item organization

To remove the winter pool safety cover, make sure there are no debris, including furniture and pool accessories, around the pool area beforehand. This preparation helps create more space for you and facilitates the subsequent dismantling work. Additionally, it prevents damage to or soiling of other items during the dismantling process.

Step2 Cover surface cleaning

Before removing the winter cover from the underground pool, it’s common for the cover to accumulate leaves, pebbles, and dust over time. To address this, having a broom and dustpan set handy can be useful for quickly clearing debris from the cover’s surface. Multiple cleanings may be necessary to maintain the cover’s relative cleanliness. Additionally, using a vacuum cleaner to further remove dust can be beneficial. This cleaning process is crucial as it helps prevent dirt from falling into the pool, thus reducing the pressure of subsequent pool cleaning tasks.


Step3 Standing water treatment

Mop or Broom: When the pool cover is small, you can use a mop or broom to sweep the water to one corner of the cover, and then use a pump to remove the water.

Water Pump: If there is a large amount of water on the cover, you can use a professional water vacuum or water pump to quickly remove it. These devices are usually more effective in handling large volumes of water and save time and effort.

Tilting the Cover: This depends on how your cover is fixed. You can try tilting the pool cover in one direction to allow water to naturally flow to the low point, and then use a pump or other equipment to remove the water. It’s best to have two people cooperating for this kind of treatment.

Air Drying: This is the simplest method. If the weather is sunny and warm, you can let the pool cover dry naturally in the sun and wind, allowing the water to evaporate.

Step4 Preparation tools

Wrench and Screwdriver: If the cover is secured to the support structure with screws or nuts, a wrench can be used to loosen and remove these screws or nuts, allowing the cover to be taken off.

Pliers: Although less commonly used, pliers are important for removing objects such as nails or similar fasteners used to secure the cover to the ground.

Disassembly Rod: Due to its typically long length and sufficient strength, a disassembly rod can provide greater force to facilitate the removal of fasteners on the cover. Its design also ensures that force is applied evenly, thus protecting the fasteners.

Ladder: If your pool safety cover is installed on an above ground pool with higher support structures, a ladder can provide a safer and more stable platform for you to dismantle the pool safety cover at elevated heights.

Step5 Remove the cover

To disassemble your pool winter safety cover, you need to understand the method of fixing the cover, and then proceed with the disassembly work.

Rope Fixing: Some covers are fixed in place using ropes. Disassembling these covers is relatively simple. Start by unraveling the rope from one corner of the cover along the edge until the cover is completely removed.

Weight Fixing: In some cases, the cover may be fixed in place by weights placed around the edge. Simply remove these weights from around the perimeter of the cover to release it. However, it’s important to note that this method may not be as secure, especially in households with children or pets. It’s advisable to use other fixing methods in such cases.

Buckle and Hook Fixing: If the cover is secured with buckle or hook mechanisms, removing them can be challenging without tools. You can use a pool disassembly rod to evenly apply pressure to the fasteners, allowing them to detach from the anchor points. Once the fasteners are released, remove the disassembly rod from each buckle or hook to complete the disassembly.

Step6 Folding and storage

Cleaning and Storage: Check if the cover needs further cleaning or repairs, and ensure it is dry. This helps in its reuse.

Folding or Rolling Up: You can place some baking soda or lay a layer of dry cotton cloth on the cover to maintain its dryness, and then carefully fold or roll it up. If you have a pool cover reel, it will greatly enhance the efficiency of storing the cover. Once done, place the cover in a well-ventilated and clean area to prevent moisture or damage.

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