Bonny E-home – Leading Swimming Pool Accessories Supplier & Pool Equipments Manufacturer  in China


Make everyone (in the universe) wow everyday


1. To be the happiest platform  in the universe

2. Make every partner’s  parents are proud of them

3. Make every one live in the wow by providing our products and service


1.Find and deliver WOW, create fun and a little weirdness

2.Keep exercising, Live healthily.

3.Build a positive and creative mind and family Spirit

4.Respect the old and love the young, offer help and kindness as much as possible.

5.Maintain a grateful heart, appreciate and return others’help in kind.

6.Embrace and Drive Change

7.Pursue Growth and Learning

8.Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication

9.Be Passionate and keep a dream

To Be The No.1 Swimming Pool Accessories Supplier & Pool Equipments Manufacturer in the World