If you are considering whether to enter the pool market and have not yet found the right swimming pool equipments and accessories suppliers, you have come to the right place.

And in this post, we give you the best swimming pool equipments and accessories suppliers and factories in Brazil to help you source reliable pool parts and helping you to go further in your business.

Quick list to get you started:

Top Pool Parts Suppliers in Brazil:

  1. Nautilus
  3. Alinnce
  5. Summer’s
  6. GG Piscinas

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6 Best Swimming Pool Equipments & Accessories Companys in Brazil

1. Nautilus BR

Type of business: Pool Equipments Manufacturer, Pool Equipments Supplier, Pool Equipments Distributor

Country: Brazil

Location: Estr. Mun. Pref. Geraldo Ramos Gonçalves, 236, Tanque Preto – Nazaré Paulista/SP 12960-000

Main Pool Products: Pool Pumps, Pool Heaters, Pool Chemicals, Robotic Pool Cleaners, Pool Accessories and Spare Parts.

Main Markets: Brazil

Years of experience: 39 years

nautilus BR logo A swimming pool accessories & manufacturers in Brazil

Nautilus is a Brazilian swimming pool equipments supplier, founded in 1984, specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing equipments for swimming pools.

Besides the tradition and pioneering in filters and motor pumps in the country, Nautilus also stands out in the market for the innovation and high technology applied in equipments for heating and water treatment with chlorine generator.

The HIGH QUALITY of Nautilus pool parts and services, together with the efficient technical support service, has built a respected reputation among the largest manufacturers of the segment in Brazil.


Website: https://nautilusbr.com/

Contact: 11-4597-7222


Type of business: Pool Equipments Supplier, Pool Equipments Distributor, Pool Accessories Supplier

Country: Brazil

Location: Rua Caramuru, 925 CEP 09911-510 – Vila Conceição Diadema – SP

Main Pool Products: Pool Filters, Pool Accessories, Pool Pumps, Pool Covers

Main Markets: Brazil

Years of experience: 41 years

sodramar logo A swimming pool accessories & manufacturers in Brazil

In 1982, a group of young entrepreneurs decided to set up a small swimming pool equipments and accessories company, with only five employees in a rented hall in the district of Santo Amaro, in São Paulo. Thus, Sodramar Ind. & Com.

As one of the best swimming pool equipments supplier, Sodramar has stand out as a company that invests in innovations in its product lines.

Today it has more than 400 items among accessories for the construction, cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools in general, devices and equipments for dry saunas and steam saunas, furniture for poolside and garden, filters and pumps for pools, pool heaters, decoration items, leisure and protection for pools, and a wide variety of vinyl swimming pool models.


Website: https://www.sodramar.com.br/

Contact: 11-4053-7600 or email marketing@sodramar.com.br

3. Alinnce

Type of business: Pool Equipments Manufacturer, Pool Equipments Supplier, Pool Equipments Distributor

Country: Brazil

Location: Rua Augusto Bianchi, 545, Parque Industrial Lagoinha • Ribeirão Preto – SP

Main Pool Products: Pool Filters,Pool Pumps, Pool Covers, Pool Accessories

Main Markets: Brazil

Years of experience: 41 years

Alliance logo A swimming pool accessories & manufacturer in Brazil

The founder of Alliance, Marcos Sorrilha, his trajectory began in 1984, the year he set up his first swimming pool store, expanding later to 9 branches in the state of SP.

After the sale of his first industry, Marcos Sorrilha launched himself into a new challenge. Together with the traditional Sinila family, experts in the segment of filters, pumps and accessories, they decided to found a swimming pool equipments manufacturer in 2012 in Argentina, Lacus Latina, to serve several countries in South America, including Brazil.

The factory ALLIANCE PISCINAS, is a family business based on commitment, responsibility and exclusive service aligned with the experience of new technologies and state-of-the-art equipment in its production line and with a select team of highly qualified professionals.


Website: https://alliancepiscinas.com.br/

Contact: (16) 4009-8199 or email [email protected]


Type of business: Pool Equipments Supplier, Pool Equipments Distributor, Pool Parts Supplier

Country: Brazil

Location: Rua Martin Afonso, 2628 | Bigorrilho-Curitiba / PR

Main Pool Products: Pool Pumps, Pool Water Treatment, Pool Chemicals

Main Markets: Brazil

Years of experience: 24 years

CIA DA PISCINA logo A swimming pool accessories & equipments supplier and manufacturers in Brazil

DA PISCINA is one of the largest and best-known swimming pool equipments suppliers in Brazil. Headquartered in Curitiba and founded in 1999, it has been providing safety, well-being, innovation in comfort and leisure to its customers.It is always seeking improvements, enhancement and new pool parts.

Their mission is to promote and make their clients’ dreams come true, prioritizing needs and desires above all else. This company tries their best to be a renowned and respected swimming pool equipments supplier in the pool business throughout Brazil, being a reference in experience, service, and quality.


Website: https://www.ciadapiscinapr.com.br/

Contact: (41) 3336-8018 or email ciadapiscina@ciadapiscinapr.com.br

5. Summer’s

Type of business: Pool Equipments Manufacturer, Pool Equipments Supplier, Pool Accessories Supplier

Country: Brazil

Location: Via Jesus de Souza Parreira, nº 200 (Via Norte – Via de Acesso Três) – Ribeirão Preto-SP

Main Pool Products: Pool Filters, Pool Accessories, Pool Lights

Main Markets: Brazil

Years of experience: 11 years

summer's logo A swimming pool accessories and equipments supplier and manufacturer in Brazil

Summer’s is a swimming pool equipments and accessories supplier in Brazil. Summer’s  was born from the need to create underwater devices that resist the action of time and especially the action of water.

For several years the team of Cooperkal Group Engineering has studied and tested extensively various brands and models on the market, bringing together the best allied to a unique solution; the ENCAPSULATION, making the LED compartment totally solid.

After the reflectors, sources and controllers, came other pool equipments, such as passage boxes, drainage devices, return devices, level devices (for Vinyl and Fiber pools), and later on, hydromassage devices.

Now they have a complete line of Filters, Pumps, and Accessories, but it doesn’t stop there, there are still many new pool parts to come.


Website: https://www.summers.ind.br/

Contact: 16- 3622-2886 or email [email protected]

6. GG Piscinas

Type of business: Pool Accessories Manufacturer, Pool Accessories Supplier, Pool Accessories Distributor,

Country: Brazil

Location: Rua Vicente Peperaio, 354, Distrito Industrial, Cerquilho-SP, 18528-622

Main Pool Products: Pool Head Vacuums, Pool Accessories, Pool Brushes, Pool Skimmer Nets

Main Markets: Brazil

Years of experience: not mentioned

GG Piscinas logo A swimming pool accessories & equipments suppliers and manufacturers in Brazil

GG Piscinas is a swimming pool accessory and maintain tools manufacturer. The main pool parts manufactured are: vacuum cleaners, sieves, brushes, aluminum cables, adapters for hoses, volleyball kit, floating chlorinator, steps (plastic or stainless steel), cushions for chairs and loungers, among others.

Today the company distributes chemical products to treat and sanitize pool water of the brands HTH, Pace, Genco, Montreal, Hidroazul, Hidroall, Maresias and Suall. Focused on providing the best service to retailers, the company also sells pool filters, pumps, spare parts, inflatables, garden furniture, hoses, among other products, from its partners Nautilus, Jacuzzi, MOR, Sodramar, Dolfin, Grosfillex, Tramontina, and Kanaflex.

The distributor serves, with a trained team and its own fleet, all cities in the metropolitan regions of Sorocaba, Campinas, and Piracicaba, and other regions through partner carriers.

To serve the final consumer with a differentiated service, GG has two physical stores, one in Cerquilho-SP and another in Tietê-SP.


Website: https://ggpiscinas.com/#!/up

Contact: (15) 3384-1024 or email [email protected]



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