Affected by the COVID-19, people are becoming more health-conscious, and swimming is the most widely-viewed sport in the world.

If you are preparing to enter the pool market in Argentina but don’t know where to purchase pool equipment and accessories from, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we have listed 6 best swimming pool equipments & accessories suppliers in Argentina.

Quick list to get you started:

Top Pool Products Manufacturers in Argentina:

  1. Pool eQuip
  3. LACUS
  4. HidroPlat
  5. MAVI
  6. Hidrosol

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1. Pool eQuip

Type of business: Pool Equipments Manufacturer, Pool Equipments Supplier, Pool Equipments Distributor

Country: Argentina

Location: José ingenieros 4060, San Justo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Main Pool Products: Pool Pumps, Pool Lights, Pool Filters, Pool Spare Parts, Pool Solar Heaters, Pool Showers

Main Markets: Argentina and South America

Years of experience: 19 years

pool eQuip A swimming pool accessories & equipments supplier and manufacturer in Argentina

POOL EQUIP is a swimming pool equipments supplier formed in 2004 dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of equipment for public and private pools, Spas, Aquariums, water parks and everything related to water movement, which meets and exceeds the expectations of customers with its products and services of the highest level.

Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, POOL EQUIP has a distribution network throughout Argentina and South American countries.

With exceptional capabilities in R&D, sales, marketing, and after-sales service, POOL EQUIP exploits an expanding market and further strengthens their leadership.



Contact: (54-11) 4441-9308 or email [email protected]


Type of business: Pool Equipments & Accessories Manufacturer, Pool Equipments & Accessories Supplier

Country: Argentina

Location: Bv. Lino Spilimbergo 7280, B° Los Boulevares. CP 5147, Córdoba Capital, Argentina.

Main Pool Products: Pool Pumps, Pool Filters, Pool Maintain Accessories, Pool Chemicals, Pool Spare Sparts

Main Markets: Argentina and South America

Years of experience: 50 years

vulcano logo A swimming pool accessories & equipments supplier and manufacturer in Argentina

Vulcano is a swimming pool equipments and accessories manufacturer in Argentina.

They focus on offering the best pool filters and pumps for swimming pools, whirlpools and water treatment in the market, and they replicate this concept on a list of more than 500 pool products of the highest quality and efficient performance.

Vulcano has constantly overcome new challenges, faced difficult times, entered new markets, boosted the growth of its customers and transformed its pioneering vision into a dynamic, modern organization with the mentality to continue forging its own future.

Vulcano’s pool parts and 40 years of experience in the market make them the Latin American leader in the swimming pool field.



Contact: [email protected]


Type of business: Pool Equipments & Accessories Manufacturer, Pool Equipments &Accessories Supplier

Country: Argentina

Location: Ruta 2 Km39 Ι Parque Industrial PIBERA, El Pato Ι Berazategui (CP1893) • Bs As • Argentina

Main Pool Products: Pool Pumps, Pool Heaters, Pool Filters

Main Markets: Argentina and South America

Years of experience: 11 years

lacus logo A swimming pool accessories & equipments supplier and manufacturer in Argentina

Lacus is a young swimming pool equipments and accessories company born in 2012, but with professionals with great experience in the pool industry.

In addition, Lacus is backed by the trajectory and trust of Elektrim, a company that has been improving the quality of life of families for more than 50 years through the design and production of water pumps for the home.

Their catalog currently includes: pool pumps and filters, installation accessories (skimmers, bottom intakes, returns, suction devices, etc.), cleaning products (pool sweepers, brushes, leaf removers and vacuum cleaners), venecitas and AquaPul (filtering load), among other accessories designed to help you get the most out of your pool.

In 2015 Lacus settled in the Pibera de El Pato Industrial Park, in Berazategui. They have state-of-the-art equipment that allows them to manufacture quality, reliable pool parts with the most modern designs. They have distributors in different parts of the country so that you can find their pool products near your home



Contact: (54-11) 5273-5050 or email [email protected]

4. HidroPlat

Type of business: Pool Equipments Distributor, Pool Equipments Supplier, Pool Accessories Supplier, Pool Parts Supplier

Country: Argentina

Location: Av. 13 N° 148 Esquina 35, Av. 13 150, B1900 La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Main Products: Pool Pumps, Pool Maintain Accessories, Pool Filters, Pool Chemicals

Main Markets: Argentina

Years of experience: 42 years

hidroplat logo A swimming pool accessories & equipments supplier and manufacturer in Argentina

Hidroplat is an Argentine swimming pool equipments and accessories supplier founded in 1981 and backed by more than forty years of uninterrupted permanence in the market of electric pumps, swimming pool equipment and services.

Hidroplat has a great diversity of pool equipments and accessories among which they can highlight various pumps, heater equipments, purifying filters, pool skimmer nets and so on for swimming pools; adding in the last years the robotics for the care of the swimming pool, garden and home, with the latest technology.

Their goal is to market the best pool products guaranteed by leading brands in the national and international market.



Contact: 0221-424-9363 or email


Type of business: Pool Equipments & Accessories Manufacturer, Pool Equipments & Accessories Supplier

Country: Argentina

Location: Sebastian Elcano 2731 (433). Esquina San Martín. Benavidez. Buenos Aires. Argentina

Main Pool Products: Pool Pumps, Pool Maintain Accessories, Pool Filters, Pool Chemicals

Main Markets: Argentina

Years of experience: over 40 years

mavi logo A swimming pool accessories & equipments supplier and manufacturer in Argentina

MAVI is a swimming pool equipments and accessories manufacturer in Argentina for 40 years. They specialized in manufacturing and marketing swimming pool equipments such as pool pumps, pool filters and pool accessories like pool maintain tools, pool chemicals.

As a reliable supplier, MAVI has been working for their customers to enjoy swimming pools. They consider them to be the ideal place for healthy leisure time recreation, providing relaxation, comfort and pleasure within an aesthetically pleasing framework.

Keeping up to date allows them to meet the growing needs of the swimming pool market. MAVI provides personalized attention to each of their customers. They have a professionally trained work team that guarantees the quality of the products they sell.

MAVI is really a reliable pool equipments and accessories supplier.



Contact: 011-2088-8820 or email [email protected]


Type of business: Pool Equipments & Accessories Supplier, Pool Equipments & Accessories Distributor, Pool Parts Supplier

Country: Argentina

Location: Av. Colón 3617. (C.P. 5000) Córdoba, Argentina

Main Pool Products: Pool Pumps, Robotic Pool Cleaner, Pool Heaters, Pool Chemicals

Main Markets: Argentina

Years of experience: over 20 years

hidrosol logo A swimming pool accessories & equipments supplier and manufacturer in Argentina

Hidrosol is a solid and reliable swimming pool equipment and accessories supplier located in a traditional corner of Córdoba Capital and has more than 20 years of experience in the pool business.Here they offer the best professional and integral advice, with a wide range of pool parts for you.

Hidrosol works with leading brands in the pool market, which guarantees excellent quality pool parts. They are at the forefront of new products, they work as a team, they achieve the seriousness in each management and the guarantee in the fulfillment of the services.



Contact: (0351) 489-0617


To help you seek the best quality and price in the Argentina, we have compiled this list of pool equipments & accessories manufacturers and suppliers.

In this article are 6 of the most prominent pool equipments & accessories suppliers in the Argentina which you can contact for wholesale and retail business transactions.

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